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Layla mesmerizes with her hair-trigger mood swings and manipulativeness; the fiance is both a controlling monster and a friend in need. Travis walks the tightrope of propriety while longing to lose his balance and topple over into a world of feeling and desire.

With deeply-etched characters and the many unexpected turns, the reader will find Resurrecting Randi impossible to put down, and the ending impossible to forget."

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"Beautifully written, powerful, and thought provoking. And at the about being blown away!"
—Beth Grossbard
Film Producer

A thoughtful, well written book that makes you think, filled with richly developed characters, that involve you in their lives from the beginning -- until you are so quickly caught up in the detailed twists and turns of the plot that you can't put the book down - that's "Resurrecting Randi". The story is depressing at times, and the ending is surprising. I read it in less than a day and I'm glad I did. I think you will be, too.
—Ileen Carter
Librarian (Amazon Review)

Resurrecting Randi
"I simply couldn't put it down. It's a beautifully written book."
—David Oshinsky,
Pulitzer Prize Winner

Imagine if Lolita had not just been seductive, but also psychotic! Now you have a sense of the extraordinary character of Layla—a troubled 19-year-old who destroys the life of a middle-aged university professor. Or did she save it by enabling him to overcome his grief related to the loss of his daughter, Randi?

"The complexity and depth of characters throw the reader into an impossible state of sympathy... They simply come alive on the page. It is truly a powerful piece of storytelling."
—Rachel Gregory
Literary Agent, London, UK

A troubled student demolishes a professor's carefully arranged life in this disturbing yet compelling story of love and loss.
   Since the death of his daughter, Randi, in a horrific car accident a decade ago, history professor Travis Harrison has built a sheltered life for himself. Only now, things are taking a turn for the better as he is engaged to be married and his first novel is climbing the best-seller lists.
   Enter 19-year-old redheaded waif-fatale Layla Sommers, who notices Travis giving money to a homeless man and latches onto him as a savior from her chaotic self. After rebuffing her advances (including a sexually inappropriate e-mail) Travis receives a call from Layla: she is soaking in her tub, taking pills, and cutting various parts of her body with a razor blade.
   Travis is first on the scene and lifts Layla from the bloody water which, ultimately, only increases her dependency on him. Apparently, she has no one else in her life, and in a spectacularly ill-advised move, Travis agrees to take Layla into his home during her recovery period.
   When it finally dawns on Travis that Layla physically resembles Randi, his deceased daughter, his emotions become even more raw. He is confused by her mixture of sexual come-on and little-girl lost vulnerability and unnerved by his responses.
   Yet even as things deteriorate to the point of Layla framing Travis with the murder of her abusive boyfriend, and effectively destroying his career, she also produces moments of incredible tenderness, compassion, and love. And above all, she is able to help him see the devastating truth about the death of his daughter, Randi.

The Final Pardon

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